The pro-Obama media may be reduced to talking about the weather. For weeks now the left-leaning blogosphere has obsessed over polls and tried mightily to create a sense of inevitability about the president’s campaign. Now the polls are tightening, or in some cases the lead has changed hands. Republicans are now the ones with the enthusiasm advantage. So, as they usually do when a topic turns out poorly, expect the liberal pundits to ignore or discount the polls.

Libya is also off the table for President Obama’s supporters. They fed the narrative for weeks that Mitt Romney was a foreign policy bumbler and that the president would smoke him on national security. How things change. Now, with each passing day the picture of gross incompetence deepens. Eli Lake today reported on a “bittersweet” e-mail from Ambassador Chris Stevens on the day of his death that raised concerns about security. (Moreover, the ambassador made no mention of the anti-Muslim video that the administration pushed as the cause of the attacks.) And today Romney delivered a mature and effective foreign policy speech. Quick — change the subject!

Well, there was the jobs numbers. Friday, the left was heralding the unemployment drop to 7.8 percent and calling conservatives who spotted a discrepancy in the payroll number (114,000 new jobs) and the household survey number cranks and kooks. But now reputable pollsters, economists and analysts have made the point convincingly that, if not a conspiracy, the percentage drop is an outlier, and most like likely just plain wrong.

So what do the president and his spinners talk about? Surely not the trillion-dollar deficit. Heavens forbid they should come up with more lame excuses for the debate debacle. So they’ve settled on the “Romney is a liar” meme. Unfortunately, it doesn’t hold up under the most elementary scrutiny, as David Axelrod found out this weekend:

Moreover, it’s not a sustainable argument for Obama’s reelection. He and his supporters need a positive agenda (none is in sight so far) or another game-changer. The president now must turn in the debate performance of his life or hope Romney self-destructs. The left punditocracy will be trying its best to create a comeback story. For now, however, it is Romney who is riding the wave to Nov. 6.