What should we think of the Obama fundraising plea to stiff brides and grooms of wedding gifts and instead send money to him?

1. No one in Obamaland picked up on the creepy Great Leader-aspect to this gambit. The notion that personal relationships and celebrations should be sublimated to the ruler suggests the totalitarian temptation is alive and well.

2. This is the political version of the “private economy is doing fine.” Sucking money from private hands and into politicians’ pockets is Obamanomics in its purest form.

3. Obama’s egomania is truly a wonder. Who needs the money more — the Obama campaign that hauls in millions every month or a newlywed couple in the Obama economy?

4. Imagine if Romney had done this. The inclination to shrug their collective shoulders no matter how bizarre Obama’s campaign antics is, I guess, required in order to paint Romney as the weird, out-of-touch one. But to the average voter Obama increasingly appears out to lunch.

5. There is a desperation in Obama’s camp about money. It isn’t that they don’t have enough money to get their message out (surely they do). No, they are panicked by the prospect of parity in the money race. Did their negative campaign depend on vastly outspending Romney? It seems so.

The idea of nixing wedding gifts is so obnoxious and off key you have to wonder if the whole campaign is inebriated on Kool Aid. I mean, what is next — stop buying fireworks for the 4th of July and celebrate by giving money to Obama instead?