The president’s campaign is in a rough patch so rather than merely lounge around in schadenfreude we thought the Obama team could benefit from some advice. So here are six things the campaign could consider:

1. Unlike your media fans, resist the urge to yell “liar” (over and over and over) and “hater” while pointing in Mitt Romney’s direction. It is therapeutic, maybe, for the liberal blogosphere but that sort of stuff convinces no undecided voter of anything. And if you are calling him ”liar” in May, what are you going to say in October?

2. Talk about whatever you think your successes are. I mean we don’t hear from you on Obamacare any more. Wasn’t it historic enough? Maybe talk more about Lily Ledbetter or the stimulus. When it’s negative-negative-negative all day long people get the impression you’re trying to win just by tearing the other guy down.

3. Introduce some big legislation showing what you’d do in a second term. I know it is 3 1/2 years into your presidency but maybe a full-blown tax reform bill? A list of spending cuts? A Social Security or a Medicare reform plan? Hispanic voters seemed to have taken you literally when you promised immigration reform, so go ahead and put it in writing.

4. Go to Israel. Oh well, yes, go quickly before Israel has to do what it must. You did keep saying you’d go. You never have since you were trying to show voters of your pro-Israel boa fides in 2008. (And it worked then!) You say you know tons about Judaism. So go, and hold forth! Maybe a lively discussion on Jews’ ancestral attachment to the land of Israel.

5. Romney says you don’t know much about capitalism. So have a free flowing interview live and take some questions from business leaders. They can ask you anything. What are “profits”? Can you explain QE2 again? Does debt above 90 percent of GDP impair growth? Do you think Okun’s law still operates? What made Solyndra seem like a good investment to you? You’ll wow them with your command of the material.

6. More Joe Biden, please.