It was among the wildest days in GOP politics in recent memory. We now head into the debate and the Marianne Gingrich interview. You have to wonder what the four survivors are thinking tonight:

Mitt Romney: I get to run against the only guy who can’t call me out on RomneyCare? And he wanted two wives? Suddenly being the boring rich guy sounds pretty good.

Newt Gingrich: Fundamentally, as an historian, I can say it would be monumentally stupid for the Republicans to reject someone like me. I’m going to play that redemption tune like a fiddle.

Rick Santorum: I come out ahead in Iowa and the day is all about Newt’s open marriage!? Typical, typical. But I got to say I never thought “one” would be the toughest part of “marriage is between one man and one woman.”

Rep. Ron Paul: Let me get this straight — I’m the kook?! Up against these guys I am looking like a guy middle America can relate to!

Right Turn will be back after the debate and after the Marianne Gingrich interview with analysis and a look at the winners and losers