I asked the State Department spokesman whether the administration had a comment on the stunning about-face by Richard Goldstone. He referred me to highlights of his briefing:

We read Justice Goldstone’s op-ed in the Washington Post with interest.

As we made clear when the Goldstone Report was initially presented and have maintained ever since, we did not see any evidence that the Israeli government had intentionally targeted civilians or otherwise engaged in war crimes. Justice Goldstone has now reached the same conclusion. Furthermore, Israel has since undertaken credible internal processes to assess its own conduct of hostilities. Justice Goldstone has now acknowledged these processes.

Justice Goldstone also concludes that Hamas has “done nothing” to investigate the “allegations of its war crimes and possible crimes against humanity.”

We would like to see the United Nations end its actions in relation to the Goldstone Report, and the other reports that have flowed from it. We will continue working for an end to the anti-Israel bias in the Human Rights Council and other UN bodies.

That’s it? We’d “like to see an end” to the UNHRC use of this defamatory attack on Israel’s right of self-defense? No call for groups, lawsuits and international bodies to retract claims based on the false Goldstone Report? It’s pathetically weak, a reflection of the degree to which the administration shrinks from staunch defense of its democratic ally. Our administration has much to say about the rights of Palestinians and the errors of Israel, not so much about the injustices suffered by Israel.