Wednesday we’ll see another Republican presidential debate. Mitt Romney has been grilled on a wide range of topics, but there are still issues to explore. CNN moderators should focus on those issues that may still be weighing on Republicans minds.

1. Like President Obama prior to becoming president, you have never served in the military or held a national security post. How are you qualified to be commander in chief?

2. Rick Santorum says that your entitlement reform plans are too timid because you don’t affect current beneficiaries. Why are you sparing those people?

3. Do you think widespread availability of birth control harms women?

4. Did you at some point support cap-and-trade, and, if so, why did you change your mind?

5. You criticized Texas Gov. Rick Perry for leaving a million children without health insurance. But if you send Medicaid to the states, won’t governors try the Perry approach and deny a substantial portion of their population health-care coverage?

6. If you are president and manage to build a fence, institute e-verify and enact other measures to secure the border and prevent hiring of illegal workers, would you consider some method of legalizing, by citizenship or otherwise, those remaining immigrants who don’t self-deport?

7. Why have you not won over the most conservative part of the Republican base, and how would you generate sufficient turnout in the general election to secure a victory?

8. During the health-care debate in your state, did conservative politicians, activists or think tanks discuss with you that the individual mandate was a violation of individual liberty? If they did, why did you disregard their view, and, if not, did you consider this argument on your own?

9. If you label China as a currency manipulator, is there a risk it will stop buying our debt?

10. Bahrain is a valued U.S. ally that hosts the 5th Fleet, but it also has brutally repressed its people. How would you deal with that regime?