1: If donations to national political parties and candidates were unlimited but subject to current disclosure rules, then super PACs and super PAC ads would go away and we would know who is spending how much on which candidates.

2: The same states that are critical to GOP in every presidential election (Colorado, Virginia, Florida, Ohio, etc.) should be up front in the primary schedule.

3: Every member of Congress should disclose whether his or her children attend a K-12 public or private school.

4: Just e-mail the State of the Union address. And don’t even bother with the opposition response.

5: Governors should release annually a side-by-side comparison of compensation (including benefits) for the same jobs in the public and private sectors.

6: Every prominent Republican official and candidate should learn how to give effective interviews to non-hard news media (e.g. People, The View).

7: In exchange for getting rid of czars in President Obama’s second term, Senate Republicans should promise to give up or down votes on executive branch (only) appointments.

8: Gov. Chris Christie and the right-leaning punditocracy should make up. The latter didn’t like Mitt Romney anyway and didn’t think he would win without a hurricane. Christie is going to be a force in the GOP for a long time.

9: If you are going to give a gift card and receive one from the same person, neither of you need to send one.

10: After four days, no one should have to eat turkey leftovers.