1. Congress passed legislation last night that would require President Obama to spell out within 30 days the precise sequestration cuts. Mitt Romney opposed the debt-ceiling deal that included the threat of sequestration.

2. New ads go up in 23 Jewish papers citing liberal Jews’ biting criticism on Israel. (The ad should have included the piece by Aaron David Miller, who has served in Democratic administrations.)

3. The Romney team is going to town on the small-business slur. And small-business people really don’t like Obama. (Gallup.com headline: “U.S. Business Owners Now Among Least Approving of Obama.”)

4. Obama rhetorically embraced gun control (“I also believe that a lot of gun owners would agree that AK-47s belong in the hands of soldiers, not in the hands of criminals”) but is doing nothing about it. Perfectly designed to anger both sides. (Unfortunately, he doesn’t understand AKs aren’t used by our soldiers. “The AK-47 is the weapon of choice for America’s enemies. American troops don’t commonly use them, but the Kalashnikov AK-47, originally designed by the Soviets but widely imitated, has been a symbol of violent revolution for decades.”)

5. Ignoring the fiscal cliff is a really bad idea, which may hurt the economy even more.

6. Voters like those voter ID laws, so railing against them is not smart. (The latest Public Policy Polling poll of Pennsylvania finds “58/37 support for Pennsylvania’s voter ID law. Republicans are pretty much unanimous in their support, independents favor it 55/41, and it even meets with favor from 35% of Democrats.”)

7. The national security leaks are becoming a liability for the White House, which is totally unprepared to address it. (No, I have no idea why Jay Carney is still in that job.) You do finally get the idea these guys have realized someone from the administration did leak, and no one wants later to be accused of a cover-up while a federal investigation is going on. (Two words of advice: Lawyer up.)

8. Mitt Romney seems kind of life-like these days. (“In a rare, unscripted moment, Mitt Romney joked with Brian Williams after the famed NBC anchor asked the Republican presidential candidate would pick a ‘incredibly boring white guy’ for Vice President, as reported by Politico. ‘You told me you were not available,’ Romney said with a chuckle. ‘Touche, governor,’ Williams responded.”)

9. The Dems are reduced to reviving the “war on women.” Seriously.

10.The economy still stinks.