What do you say about a vice president whom some Americans think is a ”good” guy but whom they most associate with words such as “idiot,” “incompetent” and “clown.” That is what the Pew poll tells us.

It’s funny, on one hand, to have the court jester in the White House, the fool (or one willing to play the fool) who provides fodder for the rest of us. But after the laughter subsides, you do wonder how it is that the “intellectual” president whom Michelle Obama assures us always does the right thing has taken Joe Biden on board for another four years. Should we really be yucking it up?

This is Pew, not a GOP ad: “The top positive words used to describe Biden are good and honest. Many of the negative words focus on Biden’s intelligence: Aside from clown, a number of people describe Biden as stupid, a joke, goofy and a buffoon. GOP vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan is described in more positive terms than Biden; as many use complimentary as critical words to characterize their impression of Ryan. The top words used to describe Ryan are conservative and intelligent.”

It is a truism that the most important executive decision a candidate makes is his choice in VP. It should be bothersome that President Obama not only chose the “idiot, incompetent, clown” but stuck with him, presumably because it would be too politically embarrassing to drop him.

It should hardly be surprising that Obama’s ego takes precedence over the country, which would in the most horrible circumstances be saddled with a president for whom many have contempt. It should at least evoke some serious questioning from the media.

Why isn’t the president concerned about the lack of respect for his VP? Why wouldn’t he want the most reassuring and competent person available to him and the country if the unimaginable should occur? Does he actually think Biden is an asset to the country? Is he keeping him around becasue he makes the president look smart?

Media bias manifests itself in many ways — the slobbering over Democratic speeches, the refusal to correct grievous inaccuracies about conservatives and the assumption that Democratic talking points are true (e.g., tax cuts caused the economic crash). But in its most blatant and dangerous form, media bias prevents real scrutiny of the president’s judgment and personnel decisions. (Did the media ever examine the comically inept behvior of former national security adviser Gen. James Jones? ) We are 3 1/2 years into the Obama presidency and the New York Times has just discovered that a left-wing ideologue and close friend of the president runs roughshod over the White House. And we’ve yet to have the president grilled on his VP decision-making. Certainly, the public deserves better journalism than that.