There is no mystery as to why media are smitten by the Democratic National Convention. Not only do they see nothing wrong with hours of abortion speeches and moldy class warfare rhetoric, but they agree with it and think that this is “mainstream” politics. I don’t think that more than a few recognize how far left they and their favored speakers are in the current political environment. They naturally also see actual centrist ideas as conservative and mainstream conservative ideas as extreme.

Consider an actual mainstream Democrat’s warning. Columnist Margaret Carlson is, if nothing else, a grown-up who can look at the proceedings and tell how regular voters might react.

She writes on the nonstop odes to abortion at the convention: “I hate to bring up abortion during the Democrats’ festivities, which are going so swimmingly, but I have a question. Why has the party removed the sentence ‘Abortion should be safe, legal, and rare’ from its platform? It was in the 2004 document but not in 2008’s or this year’s. Can’t Democrats just throw a crumb to the many millions who are pro-choice but not pro-abortion?”

I asked the same thing, but sadly the answer is no. Carlson explains what has been entirely absent from the coverage of the extreme Democratic platform and the rather unhinged speakers: “Polls show we are becoming a pro-life country; a slight majority likes to call itself that even though most Americans still support the pro-choice position in the first three months of pregnancy.” It isn’t hard to figure out why: “Medical science is galloping ahead of Roe. When . . . [Roe v. Wade] was decided, we barely had sonograms and it was a miracle for a 22-week-old fetus to survive. The difference now between a pregnancy at 12 weeks and one at 22 is life itself. Walk into any neonatal unit and you’ll see newborns weighing 2 pounds; they’ll be playing basketball one day.”

So unless you can appreciate all that and understand that a good chunk of the electorate, not just some extreme right-wing kooks, are deeply troubled by the “abortion any time, anywhere” mentality, you’d not think there was anything wrong with the pro-abortion display that sprawled over two nights. That, in part, is why the “mainstream” media coverage is so tilted; the media think they are the “mainstream,” but they aren’t.

There are some data to demonstrate how skewed the Obama Democrats have become. The Resurgent Republic poll reports:

President Obama’s adherence to government-centered policies created the chasm he now faces with the center-right electorate, and any likeability advantage the president holds has been unable to bridge this ideology divide.

As we found in our May survey, the nation’s electorate is center-right, with “somewhat conservative” and “moderate” being the dominant choices for voters rating themselves. Voters also view Mitt Romney as closer to them ideologically, when asked about their perceptions of the two candidates. Despite the barrage of attacks on Romney, it is President Obama who remains outside the ideological mainstream of the electorate.

More specifically, the pollsters found that a plurality of likely voters view Mitt Romney as “somewhat conservative” while President Obama is viewed as “very liberal” by an even larger plurality. Moreover, they write: “Placing voters on a 1 to 5 point scale (with 1 being ‘very liberal’ and 5 representing ‘very conservative’) and comparing them to perceptions of the presidential candidates shows voters are far closer to Mitt Romney. Voters’ self-placement puts them at 3.33 on a five-point scale, far closer to Mitt Romney (3.88) than to Barack Obama (2.07), confirming our May finding that it is President Obama who is outside the ideological mainstream.”

So let me ask: Is the Democratic National Convention helping or hurting Obama to appear more mainstream? A lot of class envy ( the system is rigged, proclaimed Elizabeth Warren), extreme pro-abortion language and government-centric solutions to nearly all the country’s ills aren’t making him seem any less liberal than he is, I can tell you that. But the media are the last people who would be aware of that, for they , too, are in the left-leaning skewed world outlook.

When conservatives hear and read liberal journalists say that the president is a “moderate” or suggest that abortion-on-demand is “mainstream” but that the GOP platform is not, they think that the media are deliberately lying. They aren’t; they just don’t know any better.