What does it say when:

The left dubs Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s collective bargaining reforms to be an abomination and mounts a recall effort . . . and union membership drops like a stone while a large majority of voters thinks that those reforms are working just fine?

The left insists for three years that massive borrowing, Obamacare, the constant threat of tax hikes, reams of new regulations and refusal to address the drivers of our debt won’t hobble the economy and . . . we are at 8.2 percent unemployment and less than 2 percent growth?

The left concocts a “war on women” and . . . women voters flock to Romney?

The left in revulsion over the Bush “freedom agenda” calls for cordial engagement of North Korea, Russia, Iran and Syria and . . . the Green Revolution is dormant, Iran and North Korea speed ahead with their nuclear weapons programs, Bashar al-Assad is in power and 13,000 Syrians are dead?

The left is convinced that the Constitution allows Congress to do any purportedly virtuous thing that pops into its collective mind . . . and the Supreme Court is poised to invalidate all or some of the left’s crowning legislative achievement?

Hmm. It might just be that many assumptions held by liberal politicians and parroted by the left punditocracy are substantively unsound and at odds with the convictions of large majorities of Americans. Rather than revisit their assumptions or consider if their views are actually representative of the voters’ beliefs. liberals concoct excuses. Republicans are obstructionist. Democrats are outspent in the media wars. Obama is too darn nice and smart for us slobs. We didn’t spend enough money.

But the rationalizations are as ineffective as the policies they pushed. And what was thought to be a Republican weakness, namely university and media bias in favor of the left, is in fact a fatal liability for Democrats. They are caught in a feedback loop in which daft ideas and unrealistic assessments of the electorate dominate and critical views are banished. When reality strikes, they are dumbfounded and race for comfort in spurious justifications.

To my conservative friends, I would say this is why the left appears intellectual buffoonish. And to my friends on the left, keep it up! Brook no debate about the soundness of your views or the righteousness of your purpose! It is all a “communications” problem.