The punditocracy has gotten nearly everything wrong in this election cycle. Its presumed wisdom about Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) is no exception. Here’s my top 10 things the media got wrong (I’m sure I’ve missed a few):

1. He’s a wonk but lacking political skills.

2. Women wouldn’t like him.

3. Mitt Romney didn’t want to talk about Medicare.

4. Medicare is too complicated a topic to explain during a presidential race.

5. Ryan wouldn’t appeal to independents.

6. Ryan might be able to talk about budget, but he’s a distraction from the economic message.

7. Ryan wouldn’t put any states in play.

8. Ryan would scare seniors and put Florida at risk.

9. Romney wouldn’t want Ryan because he’d prefer an older, duller person like himself.

10. VPs don’t matter.

In fact, the mainstream media and liberal pundits got virtually nothing right about Ryan. You sort of wonder why people pay so much attention to them. Just saying.