It seems the media and pols are in a game of “How gullible can you be?” There’s seemingly no need to even pass the laugh test any more. There are some things we know aren’t credible, simply because they ask you to believe bizarre things. Here are my top (bottom?) ten things we know just aren’t so.

1. Sen. Reid (D-Nev.) has a source who has seen Mitt Romney’s taxes.

2. Someone who’s never held elective office, never campaigned for Romney and never revealed his or her positions on a slew of issues will be Romney’s running mate.

3. Having been accused of being hostile to Israel, President Obama is going to have Jimmy Carter speak at the DNC. Oh. wait. Forget that one.

4. David Axelrod knows for sure no one in the White House ever leaked classified material.

5. Obama really, really wanted to visit Israel, hold a Jobs Council meeting and have a regular press conference but there wasn’t time.

6. Obama is super proud of Obamacare but hasn’t found the right time to bring it up during the campaign.

7. There is absolutely nothing in the Fast and Furious documents that would embarrass the president or his attorney general.

8. It makes sense for the government to spend . . .. um, invest (!) in “Green jobs.”

9. Chief Justice Roberts just called balls and strikes in the Obamacare case with no concern to the repercussions if the statute were overturned.

10. Obama has had the best relationship of any U.S. president with Israel. Ever.