The latest silly political story whirling through the mainstream media and the liberal blogosphere concerns Mitt Romney’s house in California. It seems he got a permit to expand his 3,000-foot La Jolla home to over 11,000 feet. Horrors!

But what exactly is the problem here. Romney’s camp explains he has five married sons and 16 grandkids. I suppose it’s not easy to find a vacation spot for all of them, especially if you don’t fancy chic spots like Martha’s Vineyard.

But more to the point, why would Republican primary voters care if Romney uses his own money to expand a family home? It boggles the mind, really, to think that Republicans would seize upon this crumb, suddenly adopt a class-warfare mentality and drop him for . . . for whom exactly? Texas Gov. Rick Perry , who charged taxpayers thousands for a temporary mansion and then proposed a gargantuan remodel of the Governor’s Mansion? Maybe Newt Gingrich, whose Tiffany bill far exceeds most Americans’ net worth. There is Rep. Michelle Bachmann (R-Minn.), who is worth about a million dollars or Sarah Palin, who’s worth many millions. And the winner of the primary is going up against President Obama, who’s hanging with the rich and famous in Martha’s Vineyards and whose income last year was $1.7 million.

There are no paupers in the race. And more to the point, unless the candidate’s lifestyle is funded by the taxpayers or his or her wealth is derived from inside connections, or if a public figure hypocritically preaches conservation while living the high life, it’s really a non-issue. Except for bored reporters and pundits, of course.