As I reported Wednesday, there are plenty of good reasons to require a proper accounting of people designated as Palestinian “refugees” by the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA). And if any proof were needed of the vested interest in blurring the distinction between actual refugees and the generations removed from the events of 1946-49, in exaggerating the numbers claiming the “right of return” and in allowing the Palestinian Authority to get off the hook for providing services to Palestinians actually living in the West Bank, you need look no further than the mad lobbying scramble to defeat Republican Sen. Mark Kirk’s amendment today.

A senior Senate aide tells Right Turn that Jordanian officials just sent an e-mail to congressional staffers urging opposition to any amendment that could lead to undermining the UNRWA. (The fear that an actual accounting would deprive the UNRWA of U.S. taxpayer dollars is reason enough to support it.) The request reads: “Jordan urges the Senate to avoid any language which would directly or indirectly lead to undermining UNRWA. The embassy will be happy to further explain the Jordanian position, observations and reservations to your office and other Senate members, including the potential negative implications on Jordan, its economy and the peace efforts by any language that undermines or purports to undermine UNRWA.”

Jordan doesn’t have to care for a segment of its population generations removed from 1949 because the UNRWA does that — with our tax money.

That’s not all. Now the State Department is opposing the measure. You see, facts are power, and holding the United Nations and the Palestinian and Arab states responsible for their conduct (and keeping an eagle eye on taxpayer dollars) is so, well, unpleasant for the administration. Gosh, if Palestinians, their children, their grandchildren and their great-grandchildren didn’t live on the UN/U.S. dole . . . well, then the PA and surrounding Arab states where thy reside might be expected to DO something for these people.