With reports that Newt Gingrich is set to drop out of the presidential race on Tuesday, one is compelled to ask: Why is he still in this? And why wait until May 1? One can imagine there is one more zoo to visit or trip to be charged to the campaign.

What did his run accomplish? He may have increased his visibility and future book sales — although burning his bridges with Fox News President Roger Ailes may curtail his income stream. He maintained his image as a skillful rhetorician — but also as a self-absorbed, self-destructive character with few enduring beliefs beyond the value of his own self-promotion.

He didn’t help his party or the conservative movement. His attack on Rep. Paul Ryan’s Medicare plan may reverberate in the November election. His attack on Mitt Romney’s Bain experience lent credence to the left’s class warfare. He introduced no innovative policies other than moon colonization.

He leaves the race as he came in: as an undisciplined megalomaniac.