By now you would think the Obama team would have improved the president's response to rotten economic news; it’s not like it doesn’t have practice. But this morning on CNBC, White House economic adviser Alan Krueger once again showed just how ham-handed the White House can be:

Heading in the right direction. Ups and down. Headwinds.

Good golly. It is hard to imagine how to sound less sympathetic to the plight of the unemployed or more nonchalant about the lack of progress on the issue Americans care most about.

It would be better, frankly, to say nothing than to try to minimize the abysmal news or to claim “credit” for a jobs record of 43 straight months of more than 8 percent unemployment. It shouldn’t be surprising, however. If you don’t know what to do about the economy, you sure don’t know what to say about it.