Who said it ?

President Obama
Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images

1. “Even if you raise the top rates back to the Clinton rates, that only creates about $400 billion over 10 years. That’s $40 billion a year. We have a trillion-dollar-a-year deficit.”

2. “Health care, obviously, that shouldn’t have passed by 51 votes. It needed 60.”

3.  “Even if you win higher marginal tax rates, how do you plan to get the debt limit increased? The Republicans, after all, could cave on raising taxes but still be unwilling to include a debt-limit increase in the agreement, absent any changes to entitlements. In that case, the fiscal-cliff victory would be Pyrrhic, with another crisis arriving in February or March. In any case, Democrats should affirmatively want entitlement reform that is progressive and puts the crucial programs on a sounder footing.”

4. “And let’s be honest: The Obama administration has been [Egyptian President Mohamed] Morsi’s main enabler.”

5. “This is a speaker that’s very strong. This is a speaker that got us through a tough election and retained our majority. I actually think this is a speaker who’s at the peak of his power.”

Answers are : 1. Here 2. here 3. here 4. here and 5. here.