It’s not the settlements. It’s the terrorists. “The leader of the Islamic terrorist group Hamas vowed to continue fighting Israel Saturday, as hundreds of thousands of flag-waving Gazans turned out to celebrate the organization’s 25th anniversary.”

Mahmoud Abbas (Majdi Mohammed/Associated Press)

It’s not the marginal income tax rates. It’s the payroll tax.  “Preserving lower payroll-tax rates is good for working families, and for the economy. If it also reveals our entitlement problem and our debt problem to be one and the same, so much the better.” Read the whole thing.

It’s not bayonets and horses. It’s ships. And an increasingly aggressive China. Why we need to rebuild our Navy: “The United States is not supporting key regional allies and friends currently engaged in maritime and other disputes with China amid growing aggressiveness by Beijing, the commander of U.S. forces in the Pacific said on Thursday.”

It’s not immigration reform. It’s education reform that seems to be Sen. Marco Rubio’s passion. “Let’s encourage career, technical and vocational education, stop discriminating against online courses, encourage skill development that doesn’t require the traditional four-year college route, and reform our federal grant and loan programs. And let’s make sure our students and parents know what they’re getting into financially when it comes to planning their college studies. The bottom line is, let’s stop preparing 21st-century students using a 20th-century education . . . .”

It’s not the English. It’s the Arabic rhetoric you have to watch out for. “In honor of [Mahmoud Abbas’s] victory in New York, which the Palestinians see as a stage in the progression to full statehood that extends across the entire land of Israel — a celebratory song was played on the official PA radio station, the Voice of Palestine. The lyrics of the lovely ballad, as translated by Palestinian Media Watch, are as follows: ‘We have accepted [our] death, so that Jerusalem will return. We are bombs, friends, when the homeland calls . . . We praised the Lord, and set out for martyrdom. We strapped ourselves with explosives, and trusted in Allah’ . . . .” You get the idea.

It’s not a “decimated” al-Qaeda, as the president told us. It’s a growing al-Qaeda. “The lone Syrian rebel group with an explicit stamp of approval from Al Qaeda has become one of the uprising’s most effective fighting forces, posing a stark challenge to the United States and other countries that want to support the rebels but not Islamic extremists.” This is what leading from behind gets you.

It’s not the “purge” right-wing bloggers have portrayed. It’s called party discipline. “A few House Republicans lost plum committee assignments, allegedly because they voted against Speaker John Boehner and company too often. . . . I really doubt that the vast majority of conservatives see our cause as standing or falling with these four congressmen’s committee assignments, and language that implies otherwise is misleading.” Well, “misleading” is what the screech all-or-nothing set is about.