Disturbing. “Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu pointed out while addressing the foreign press on Sunday: ‘This weekend the leader of Hamas, sitting next to the Hamas leader of Gaza, a man who praised Osama bin Laden, openly called for the destruction of Israel. Where was the outrage? Where were the U.N. resolutions? Where was President Abbas? Why weren’t Palestinian diplomats summoned to European and other capitals to explain why the P.A. president not only refused to condemn this, but actually declared his intention to unite with Hamas? There was nothing; there was silence, and it was deafening silence.'”

Disgusting. “Union-Led Violence Breaks Out in Lansing.” Think President Obama will condemn? Me neither.

Dismaying. And we should threaten to cut off aid. “Rep. Frank Wolf (R-Va.) on Tuesday called on the Obama administration to end aid to Tunisia since that country had refused for several weeks to grant the FBI access to a suspect in the Sept. 11 attack on the U.S. mission in Benghazi, Libya.”

Speaker of the House John Boehner (J. Scott Applewhite / Associated Press)

Disquieting. “As part of its budget proposal, the White House lowered its target for new tax revenue to $1.4 trillion, down from Mr. Obama’s initial offer of $1.6 trillion, officials said. It also included new stimulus spending, an increase in the U.S.’s borrowing limit and a commitment to overhaul the corporate tax code in 2013, though no details were immediately available.” You almost get the idea the president isn’t serious.

Disinclined to cheer. As a guy with no principles who switched parties? Not exactly unexpected. “Florida Democrats Wary as National Party Embraces Crist.”

Disbelief. Big labor didn’t see this coming. “The Republican governor of Michigan signed a pair of right-to-work bills Tuesday night, dealing labor unions one of their biggest setbacks in years in this historically union-friendly state.”

Disdain. After 38,000 dead you can understand why. “As the United States tries attempts to rally international support for the Syrian rebellion, trying to herd the opposition into a shadow government that it can recognize and assist, on the ground in Syria it faces an entirely different problem: Much of the rebellion is hostile toward America. Frustration mounted for months as the United States sat on the sidelines, and peaked this week when it blacklisted the Nusra Front, one of the uprising’s most effective fighting forces, calling it a terrorist organization. The move was aimed at isolating the group, which according to Iraqi and American officials has operational ties to Al Qaeda’s franchise in Iraq.”