Who said it?

George Stephanopoulos George Stephanopoulos
(Ida Mae Astute/ABC Photo)

1. “It’s time for Democrats, Republicans and independents to say — acknowledge two things: one is the strongest conceivable gun control laws won’t stop all acts of violence. But, also, to acknowledge that the stronger our gun control laws are, the fewer acts of violence including mass violence that will happen in our society.”

2. “To use the cliche, the genie’s out of the bottle. There are more than 200 million-plus guns already in circulation, so if you stop selling them today, forever, they are not biodegradable, they’re not going anywhere. So you would have to figure out how to remove them from the streets. That would be very difficult.”

3. “I’m not sure so — and I’m sure I’ll get nailed for this — I wouldn’t want one person in a school armed, ready for this kind of thing. It has to be someone who is trained, it has to be someone who is responsible. But my God, if you can prevent this kind of thing.”

4. “The mental health community needs to step up in a kind of way and figure out a way to keep the guns of the hands of people they know to be dangerous. We have a terrible problem. The vector is easy access to guns and dangerously mentally ill people.”

The answers are : 1. Here, 2. here, 3. here and 4. here.