Where are the women? “The  top contenders for the ‘big three’ jobs in President Barack Obama’s second-term Cabinet are all white men, rekindling concerns among Democratic women about diversity in his inner circle.”

Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass). (J. Scott Applewhite/Associated Press)

Where to put the blame? Lots of people had a hand in the fiscal cliff, but “to the extent that the United States finds itself in a precarious fiscal situation, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke shares much of the blame. Simply put, there is no way that Washington could have run the deficits it has in recent years without the active assistance of a near-zero interest rate policy. . . . European governments finally decided to take cost-cutting steps when their borrowing costs went up. But Democrats and liberal economists use Mr. Bernanke’s low rates and willingness to buy government bonds as evidence that there’s no pressing problem here to be addressed.”

Where do they dig up these people? Never heard of this guy. “A former adviser to Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign called Saturday for a concerted national conversation on gun control, saying the country cannot continue ‘doing nothing’ after the elementary school shooting in Newtown, Conn., that left dozens dead, including 20 children. Mark DeMoss, the Christian conservative public relations executive, told POLITICO that placing some limits on guns wouldn’t have to conflict with constitutional liberties, as many on the right contend.” I guess anyone can be an “adviser.”

Where is her competition? If she wants it, I just don’t see anyone to stop her. “It would be somewhat ironic if after all of the navel-gazing and theorizing [Hillary] Clinton actually held to her stated intention of not running for president or, if she did run, won neither the Democratic nomination nor the presidency. In that case, however, the breathless and servile media coverage of her every utterance and activity still would have value, so perfectly does it exemplify the parochialism and herd mentality of America’s liberal elite.” No kidding.

Where is the lobby for mental health? It sure would come in handy about now. “It is scandalously difficult to get treatment for the mentally ill, even the violent, in America today. Misplaced civil libertarianism and romanticization of mental illness led to deinstitutionalization in the 1960s, 70s, and 80s. Now, 95 percent of the inpatient beds we had in 1955 are gone. It’s important not to stigmatize the mentally ill. At the same time, there is a small subset of mentally ill people who are dangerous.”

Where is the “moderate” Palestinian leader? “The Palestinian premier called on his people Sunday to boycott Israeli products, the latest step in an economic battle between Palestinians and Israelis spurred by the Palestinians’ status upgrade last month at the United Nations.” Remember when Prime Minister Salaam Fayyad was the “reasonable” one?

Where is the outrage? I mean about the fact there is still a Palestinian refugee camp in Syria after decades. “Syrian warplanes bombarded a densely populated Palestinian refugee camp in Damascus on Sunday amid clashes there, opposition activists said. Airstrikes hammered the Yarmouk camp in the southern part of the capital, opposition activists said.