As House Republicans prepare to take a vote on “Plan B,” the screeching from the far right grows louder. Heritage Action Network sends out a breathless e-mail complaining that Plan B is not a tax cut (in budget-ese because of baseline budgeting it could be seen as a $4 trillion cut over time) since all that is happening is that most Americans’ tax rates will stay the same. Straw man alert! If anyone is using that argument, it’s a dim one, and the hysterics over it is even dimmer. The Heritage solution? ” Americans deserve an honest debate.  They also deserve at least one political party that stands steadfast in its opposition to taking any more money from the private sector to give to the government sector.” Well, gosh why didn’t they think of that?


If nothing else, this battle has revealed how out of touch and unhelpful in the conservative movement are these all-or-nothing folks. Their “solution” would mean everyone’s taxes go up. Brilliant (not).

Andrew Harrer-Washington Post/ President Obama

In all likelihood, the majority of House Republicans will vote for Plan B, showing the proper consideration (none) for the unrealistic brand of politics that gave the GOP characters such as Todd Akin and Christine O’Donnell. The more that conservative GOP elected officials establish their independence from these third-party cranks, the more likely it is that conservative goals can actually be furthered. To govern and to influence the process is to deal and cajole and compromise. The House speaker and most GOP House members get that.  And the vast majority of the House Republicans have nothing to fear from the Heritage Action Network if they do their job and listen to their constituents.