She is qualified and has bipartisan support. She does not dislike Israel or object to gays serving in government. “A woman of substance.” Hmmm.

She had President Obama at the top of the ticket, but in 2014 Scott Brown’s opponent won’t have that help. He would be a strong candidate. “The poll, conducted by the MassINC Polling Group on Monday and Tuesday, finds voters view Brown favorably, despite the fact that in November they chose to elect Harvard law professor Elizabeth Warren in his stead. Fifty-eight percent of those polled say they have a favorable view of Brown, compared with 28 percent who view him unfavorably.”

She really would have had a headache if she had been on the hot seat. Instead, she sent her deputies. “Some Republicans on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee asked why a report released Thursday by an independent group investigating security lapses blamed only lower-level officials for the problems.” Well, that is how it is done inside the Beltway, you see.

She is going to be replaced most likely by this profile in courage. “During [Thursday’s] Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing on Benghazi, committee chairman (and likely successor to Hillary Clinton) John Kerry got to the bottom of the State Department’s failings in events surrounding the Benghazi attacks. ‘Mistakes were made,’ he said, and ‘things have to be done differently.’ What a relief it is that we’re sending this brave man to clean things up down at Foggy Bottom!”

She is the responsible secretary who shall not be named. Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) says he is “puzzled”: “I know that Secretary Clinton visited Libya in October of 2011. Did the security situation, the deteriorating security situation, come up during her visit there, whether with a country team or in her interactions with the Libyans?” Watch the whole thing. Ouch. 

She (I think it was a she) took out New York and New Jersey, not fisheries in Alaska and Mississippi and milk farmers. “Senate Republicans outlined a scaled-back $23.8 billion Hurricane Sandy disaster aid package Wednesday, but it was met with a cool reception from Northeast Democrats and triggered a fight that could turn — who’d have guessed? — on fish and milk. The GOP proposal is little more than a third of the $60.4 billion request first made by President Barack Obama, and rather than accept the reduction, the New York and New Jersey delegations appear willing to risk defeat and fight anew next year.”

She is trying, which is more than you can say about Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) “Congressional Democrats, led by House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (Calif.), signaled greater willingness on Wednesday to cut Social Security benefits, with the party now considering a change to the way inflation is calculated for recipients. Pelosi told reporters on Capitol Hill that a cut proposed by President Barack Obama in the fiscal cliff negotiations would in fact ‘strengthen’ the program, echoing the claims often made by Republicans about entitlement programs they want to slash.” She’s right!