It’s getting late to do holiday shopping, but I’ve managed to come up with the final gifts for politicians and other Beltway types who have so much but may lack a few essentials:

For Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) and Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.): Courage to make hard choices and cast tough votes without fixating on 2016. Just lead, already. If you don’t offend anyone you’ll please no one.

For Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell: A perch, a board or an organization to keep him in the public eye after he leaves the governorship and to keep his currency fresh for 2016.

For the White House press corps: Amnesia, so as to forget it is a liberal Democrat in the White House and therefore to become doggedly aggressive, demanding transparency and accountability from a president whom they have demanded neither in the first term.

For the career service officials at the State Department: Karma so that the political appointees get what they deserve in the Benghazi episode.

For Heritage Foundation scholars: A place to land where scholarship and intellectual honesty are valued.

For Reince Priebus: Honest voters, officials and operatives who will level with him about everything that needs to be fixed at the Republican National Committee.

For American Crossroads: Discretion to resist the urge to give money to candidates who embarrass the conservative movement and alienate voters from the GOP.

For Jeb Bush: Allies on the right to develop and fight for a sane, principled immigration policy.

For Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.): A life-altering experience in Israel.

For conservative activists: Self-awareness and honest pollsters.

For Senate Democrats: A budget they will approve.

For Senate Republicans: Six more of you in 2014.

Depressed Republicans: Fortitude and perspective to know that politics are cyclical and reinvention is the key to survival.

For Right Turn readers: A healthy and happy holiday season. I’ll be on vacation through Dec. 29 but check in each day for the chance to chat with one another and for some holiday treats, predictions and resolutions.