Resolutions are made to be broken, I suppose. But here are a few suggestions for pledges that really should be kept in 2013:

Last year’s celebration in Times Square- John Minchillo / The Associated Press

The Media: When reporting on mass shootings, be right, not first. Check and then double-check names and other facts before blurting them out online or on the air. And resist the urge to pontificate when no real information is available.

Chief Justice John Roberts: Decide cases on the merits and not on what you think the impact may or may not be on the Supreme Court’s “reputation.” Deciding cases to protect one’s reputation is the surest way to bring disdain on the court.

Social conservatives: Embrace the 10th Amendment and commit to work in states where many of the issues you care about were intended to be addressed. Stop federalizing issues (especially losing ones).

Senate Republicans: Do not allow the confirmation of a new secretary of state unless the current one gives a full accounting of her role and the White House’s role in the Benghazi debacle.

Liberal pundits: Stop blabbering about filibuster reform. It’s a bore, and no one in the Senate thinks it is going to happen.

Conservatives: Stop using “self-deportation” and “anchor babies,” both of which are offensive to many people. Stop calling any immigration reform “amnesty.” It is not and it’s an intellectual crutch used to foreclose serious discussion.

Virginia attorney general and gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli: Get a first-rate campaign team, be disciplined in rhetoric and do not dwell on hot-button social issues. Otherwise, you will lose. Badly.

CNN: Transform yourself into the Jake Tapper News Network. You’ve made a brilliant hire; now put him on as much as possible, in as many formats as possible.

Rupert Murdoch: If immigration reform is a positive thing, stop putting on the air anti-immigration exclusionists.

Washington Nationals: Never let Teddy win again.

The Obamas: Cut down on the lavish living. It’s small in the scheme of the gigantic federal budget, but nevertheless it’s unseemly.