Inconvenient truth. Elliott Abrams reminds us that “conservative Republicans are more than twice as supportive of Israel as liberal Democrats, among whom support for Israel is not very much greater than support for Palestinians. When I point out these numbers, and others like them, to Democratic Party leaders they usually get angry and say ‘Israel should not be a partisan issue. Stop making Israel a partisan issue.’ That’s a foolish reply, for every poll I have seen in recent years gives the same general result. Support for Israel on the Left–in Europe, in America, in the Democratic Party–is eroding. That’s an obvious fact.”

Uncomfortable reality. David Brooks still thinks that President Obama wants “a balanced program that would have combined spending cuts and targeted tax increases” with ” reduced Medicare spending on the rich to free up more money for young families.” Unfortunately, there is no evidence from his conduct that this is true.

President Obama- Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images

Nervous about a pay raise, the Senate corrected the president’s tone-deaf move. “Buried in the fiscal cliff deal passed by the Senate early Tuesday morning is a provision to halt a scheduled salary increase for members of Congress themselves.”

Irritating the left, no doubt. “The Fiscal Cliff Deal’s Biggest Winner May Be George W. Bush.” If it passes, that is.

Chilling evidence Iran has been emboldened. “Iran‘s navy issued dozens of warnings to foreign planes and warships that approached its forces during a five-day sea maneuver near the strategic Strait of Hormuz, a semiofficial news agency reported Tuesday.” Imagine how the mullahs would behave if/when they get the bomb.

Unfortunately for Obama, this well may be his high-water mark for the rest of his presidency. “The stratospheric expectations that surrounded Obama’s groundbreaking election in 2008 have fallen back to Earth — not to dismal levels, but to decidedly lower ones. Then, two-thirds in a USA TODAY/Gallup Poll said they were ‘optimistic’ and ‘proud’ in reaction to Obama’s election; now, about half cite those emotions in response to his re-election. Then, six in 10 were ‘excited’; now, four in 10 feel that way.”

Irked by the added spending goodies, the House took a chunk out of the Sandy bill. “House Republicans on Tuesday unveiled legislation to provide $27 billion in emergency relief to pay for Hurricane Sandy damage — less than half the $60.4 billion in aid passed by the Senate last week.”