Why we should worry President Obama’s Iran policy is a bust. “Iranian officials have instructed residents of Isfahan to leave the city, renewing concerns that a nearby nuclear site could be leaking radioactive material.”

President Obama goes on vacation. (Gerald Herbert/Associated Press)

Why doesn’t everyone calm down? “The tri-state area won’t recover from Sandy overnight, so there’s little reason for northeastern Republicans to set their hair on fire because House GOP leadership refused to pass Sandy relief overnight. The 113th Congress convenes soon enough. Until then there’s a bit of time to think about some of the stuff Senate Democrats thought should be included in the bill.”

Why Republicans aren’t the most divided national party. “The biggest reform Republicans have vowed to push for in these upcoming standoffs is so-called ‘entitlement reform,’ a.k.a. ‘deficit reduction,’ a.k.a., cutting social insurance and benefits for those in need. The problem for Democrats: No one in the party agrees on how to address the issue. . . .This sets up, of course, Democrats’ own version of intra-party chaos, and it goes far beyond the typical grumbling and chest-thumping about Obama’s negotiating skills or scoring political points. This is about bedrock principles. ‘Soul of the party’ kind of stuff.” Obama should have run on something other than destroying Mitt Romney.

Why Republicans should breathe a sigh of relief the fiscal cliff bill passed. “It would have led to much higher tax increases on all Americans, even beyond the increase in payroll taxes that will now go into effect, and triggered decimating cuts in the defense department. And it would have done a great deal to advance the storyline that Republicans — at least House Republicans — are extremists enamored with nihilism. . . . [I]f more of them had voted the way Senator Marco Rubio and Representative Eric Cantor did, they would have badly damaged their party and their country.”

Why Republicans should cheer. “In closed-door meetings since leaving the “fiscal cliff” talks two weeks ago, lawmakers and aides say the Speaker has indicated he is abandoning that approach for good and will return fully to the normal legislative process in 2013 — seeking to pass bills through the House that can then be adopted, amended or reconciled by the Senate.”

Why Obamacare will make you sick(er). “Roughly 4 million additional Californians are expected to obtain health insurance by 2014 through the federal health law, an expansion that will likely exacerbate the state’s doctor shortage and could even squeeze primary care access in the Bay Area, experts say.”

Why do liberals always convince themselves filibuster reform is going to happen? “He has a chance to go ‘nuclear’ Thursday, but instead Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid plans to punt a decision on the filibuster until later this month.” I’ll chalk it up to ignorance about the nature of the Senate.