Because he only gets attention from the MSM when he smears conservatives. “[President] Obama’s own press secretary used the term ‘shuck and jive’ as well. So why hasn’t Colin Powell denounced him?” 

Barack Obama, Chuck Hagel, John Brennan President Barack Obama with his nominees for defense secretary, former Nebraska senator Chuck Hagel, and CIA director, John Brennan (Pablo Martinez Monsivais/Associated press)

Because he wants to be defense secretary he’ll change his mind. “When Chuck Hagel, President Barack Obama’s nominee for Secretary of Defense, appears before the Senate, one critical question must be asked: does he still believe that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is the ‘core’ of all conflict in the Middle East? That claim, which Hagel made on the Senate floor in July 2006, is not only fundamentally wrong, but is also the key to Hagel’s views on Israel and the so-called ‘Jewish lobby.’ “

Because Chuck Hagel is not, this will be a problem for Sen. Robert Menendez (D-N.J.), who will replace Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) as the Senate Foreign Relations Committee chairman: “Menendez, 59, is fiercely pro-embargo.” Read the whole thing for some good insight into Menenedez, who is unlikely to be as compliant with regard to the White House as was Kerry. (“Menendez, by contrast, has shown much more willingness to take on his fellow Democrats up Pennsylvania Avenue and a chairman’s perch gives him a bigger megaphone.”)

Because it isn’t an anti-Israel, radical jihadist regime it doesn’t get much attention from Western media. “Morocco has been an American ally and friend since 1786. Our alliance is not a wafer thin transactional one like it is with Saudi Arabia. It’s real. Morocco is a major non-NATO ally . . . It’s no longer even a secret that Morocco has friendly behind-the-scenes relations with Israel much like Jordan did before the peace treaty was signed by King Hussein in 1994. This state of affairs is almost certainly because Mohammad VI has a more moderate view of the Arab-Israeli conflict than the population at large, though I should point out that I detected a complete lack of hysteria about Israel among the Moroccan elitists I spoke to, something I can’t say about any other Arab country.” An excellent read, as is everything by Michael Totten.

Because a segment of supporters of his confirmation evidence such hostility to Israel and American Jews (Chas Freeman calls Jews a “Fifth Column”) shouldn’t Hagel denounce them? “Hagel Allies Coordinate Smear Campaign Against Critics, Emails Reveal; Hagel supporter: ‘[Eliot] Abrams is a Jew’.”

Because the hypocrisy is so glaring even MSM outlets are taking the president to task. Major Garrett acts like a real reporter: “As you well know, sir, finding votes for the debt ceiling can sometimes be complicated. You yourself as a member of the Senate voted against a debt ceiling increase. And in previous aspects of American history: President Reagan in 1985, President George Herbert Walker Bush in 1990, President Clinton in 1997, all signed deficit reduction deals that were contingent upon or in the context of in raising the debt ceiling. You yourself four times have done that; three times those were related to deficit reduction or budget maneuvers.”

Because partisanship seeps in everywhere, it is nice when we can all celebrate this news: “ABC’s Robin Roberts on Monday announced she plans to head back to work on ‘Good Morning America’ within weeks. . . . The host was diagnosed with myelodysplastic syndrome, a rare blood disorder, last year and began her medical leave from GMA at the end of August 2012.”