Based on President Obama’s rhetoric and action in the weeks following his reelection, his inaugural speech, his advisers’ and spinners’ comments and his choice of new Cabinet members, we know he is not interested in:

* bipartisanship
* debt reduction or reforming entitlements
* using the threat of military action (let alone actually using force if need be) to prevent Iran from going nuclear
* spurring private-sector growth
* taking the spread of al-Qaeda seriously
* improving relations with Israel
* moving to the center or being pragmatic

President Obama President Obama (Olivier Douliery)

None of this surprises those of us in the center-right, but if his fans thought he was in favor of such things (they sure told us he was), they were deluded or trying to delude us.

On foreign policy, the president’s invocation of the phrase “peace in our time” would have been comical if it were not so dangerously obtuse. (Does no one in the White House know the origin of that infamous phrase? Hint: Think umbrella.)  And Obama’s assertion that “a decade of war is now ending” — made in the wake of more Americans killed by al-Qaeda — was as jarring to informed American ears as it was inviting to the mullahs and to Bashar al-Assad. Obama has dropped any pretense of being strong on, or even interested in, national security.

The good news is that the voters and many in Congress don’t see things as Obama does. They overwhelmingly oppose letting Iran get the bomb. They deplore the debt and the explosion in government spending. They don’t see more government spending as the solution to unemployment. Conservatives suspect they have an opening to reach the non-radical left (most of America). To that end, American Crossroads is launching the opening salvo with this web video:

This is a good start, but now conservatives must explain what the far-left agenda is (not confronting enemies, not dealing with the debt, not curbing spending) and what its alternative is. The message can be clear and direct because the president left no doubt what he disfavors (see above) and what he favors (American retrenchment, higher taxes, more spending, more debt, banning assault weapons, etc.). Democrats and the media (I repeat myself) should be more than a tad nervous that the president has gone too far and lost his helpful disguise of moderation.