Start the year with veracity problems. “The stale claim that 40 percent of gun sales lack background checks.”

Now it is the ouse and Seante's turn- AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite Now it is the House and Senate’s turn. (J. Scott Applewhite/Associated Press)

Begin questioning Wednesday of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton with this: “Most of the weapons used by al Qaeda-linked militants to storm a gas facility in southeastern Algeria came from Libya.” So is al-Qaeda decimated or spreading like wildfire? Doesn’t seem like leading from behind in Libya was such a good idea.

Arrive at, finally, bipartisan agreement. I agree with David Ignatius “President Barack Obama’s second inaugural address, by contrast, was flat, partisan and surprisingly pedestrian — more a laundry list of preferred political programs than a vision for a divided America and disoriented world.” Indeed.

Commence the leftist overreach. “President Obama on Monday delivered a rallying cry for an active government in his second term, insisting in his inaugural address that individual freedoms could be best preserved through ‘collective action.'” We pointed out this line yesterday and it seems a fitting description of what Obama wants: More collectivism.

Enter the strawmen: “The implication was that entitlement reform — essential to America’s fiscal health — means abandoning the older generation. In fact, the country can safeguard its most vulnerable elderly while investing in children — but not without restructuring Medicare and Social Security. Mr. Obama recommitted himself, as he has uncounted times, to making ‘hard choices’ to reduce the deficit. But he again offered no clue as to what those might entail.”

Advance or retreat? Al-Qaeda is doing the former while we do the latter. The two are not unrelated. “The Algerian government Monday defended its response to the siege of an industrial complex by Islamic militants that left 37 foreigners dead, including three Americans, as new details about the elaborate, long-planned attack illustrated the capacity of al Qaeda-linked militants to cross borders and spread violence across the vast Sahara region.”

Intrudes some reality, now. “[T]he president 1) made it clear he is aware many Americans are troubled by the seemingly relentless expansion of government entitlement benefits and its impact on our way of life, and) 2 also made it clear that he totally dismisses their concerns. Obama’s declaration is astonishing and bold — and not in a good way. . . . That Obama chooses to behave as if he did suggests we may be in for even more trouble with our out-of-control entitlement system over the next four years than informed citizens, Capitol Hill budgeteers, and international financial markets currently realize.” Oh, I think they realize now.