Time to turn up the heat on Chuck Hagel. A new ad campaign aimed at Senate Democrats.

Time to save Social Security and Medicare. “Not only does Social Security disability face insolvency in 2016, but the overall program’s actuarial deficit is now roughly twice as large as Medicare’s. Of course, the actuarial imbalance is not the only meaningful indicator of the financial strains caused by the two programs.”

Time for another “moment”? Obama “knows that his base loves him precisely for the sake of these special ‘moments,’ when he turns on the rhetorical charm and makes them feel as if they are part of a special, unique, unrepeatable history-making experience — again and again and again. And the rest of us will have to hear about it, again and again and again. Like I said: it is going to be boring.” Read the whole thing.

Time to put away the hysterical predictions that Israel is some right-wing loony bin. “Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud Party emerged as the largest faction in a hotly contested parliamentary election on Tuesday, positioning the hard-liner to serve a new term as prime minister, according to exit polls. But a lackluster performance by Likud, along with surprising gains by a centrist newcomer, raised the strong possibility that he will be forced to form a broad coalition.”

Time for the push-back. “Rep. Paul Ryan on Tuesday blasted President Barack Obama’s ‘straw man’ attack on the Republican Party over entitlement programs.”

Time for Obama to get rid of those respected, independent voices. Gen. James Mattis’s “efforts to change the strategic framework regarding Iran kept — insisting on the need to plan not just for what we assumed Iran might do, but also for what Iran was capable of doing — was not welcomed by the White House. In addition, there were other disagreements between Gen. Mattis and National Security Advisor Tom Donilon. According to [Tom] Ricks, these included Afghanistan, concerns about Pakistani stability, and response to the Arab spring. But the most troubling element of the episode, Ricks reports, is that it is only part of a broader ‘attempt by Donilon to centralize foreign policy making in his office, with DOD and State as implementers.’ ” Hence the need for yes men like Chuck Hagel.

Time to give Mohamed Morsi F-16s? Really?  “Critics, including several in Congress, say it doesn’t make sense to follow through with the package, given that new Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi, elected last summer, has given decidedly mixed signals about relations with the U.S. While he has toned down his rhetoric since his election, in 2010 — the same year the aid package was struck — Morsi attacked Obama for supporting Israel.”

Time for red-state Democrats to flee. “Red state Dems squeamish about gun background checks.”