Who said it?

1. “[T]he Hebrew heritage is indeed one of the time-honored components of our national identity.”

Jack Lew (Jonathan Ernst, Reuters)

2. “First, it was the White House, it was Obama and Jack Lew and Rob Nabors who went to the Democratic leader in the Senate, Harry Reid, and said [the sequester] is the solution, but everyone has their fingerprint on this.”

3. “Let me be very clear, and would I say this to the president as I say it to you — these spending cuts are going to go through on March 1st. Their taxes are off the table. I’ve read the Democrat proposal that even Chuck Schumer said is just a chess piece. The Republican Party is not in any way going to trade spending cuts for a tax increase.”

4. “I don’t think we win by subtraction.”

5. “I’m asking you, do you care, David [Gregory] — I’m asking you do you care whether four Americans died? The reasons for that? And shouldn’t people be held accountable for the fact that four Americans died?”

Answers are: 1. Here. 2. Here. 3. Here. 4. Here. 5. Here.