Bob Woodward is on a roll:

He is apparently one of the few mainstream journalists prepared to call out the president for his throw-up-his-hands-and-blame-Congress approach.

President Barack Obama (Oliver Douliery/

Even Democrats don’t buy into this abdication. The Associated Press reports:

A senior House Democrat is proposing to eliminate the pending automatic spending cuts while also trimming the government’s budget by more than $300 billion in hopes of paving the way for a broader agreement over how to tame the federal deficit.


Rep. Adam Smith, D-Wash., said legislation he will introduce Wednesday would make a modest contribution to deficit reduction by trimming $167 billion in national security spending and $153 billion in domestic spending over the next eight years, beginning in 2014. More significantly, he said, the bill also would turn off the $85 billion in across-the-board spending cuts mandated over the next several months, which the Obama administration and most lawmakers agree will be damaging because of their arbitrary nature.

Maybe he should be president.

Meanwhile the president seems intent on endangering Americans. He has also announced the border won’t be secured (less secure, I guess than it already is) if the cuts go into effect.

The madness was further in evidence today when the White House announced a meeting with Congressional and Senate leadership, which the speaker of the House’s office points out, is the first face to face meeting on the sequester and comes a day after the cuts go into effect.

The president thinks he is “winning” because the GOP’s brand is in the toilet. But that is not how history will judge him, nor will citizens if they either figure out he’s intentionally trying to scare them or that he is actually contemplating harming them when reasonable alternatives are available. The “GOP is worse” retort that you hear from the left blogosphere is the language of 5-year-olds and entirely misreads the unique position which the president occupies. (Maybe all that celebrity self-promotion has confused even them about the enormous responsibilities that fall solely on the president.)

Republicans are right to call out the president. And the House might consider passing Rep. Smith’s bill. It would be the bipartisan thing to do.