A long-overdue filleting of putrid “journalism.” From Peter Berkowitz: “The charge that the core of modern American conservatism is racist draws on the most disgraceful pages in the playbook of post-1960s progressivism. [Sam] Tanenhaus is not the first prominent liberal intellectual to dress up such slander in scholarly finery.”

White House The White House, in an act of pettiness, cancels tours, blames the sequester. (Haraz N. Ghanbari/Associated Press)

Slicing through it, there’s really no evidence for this assertion: “It is common practice for undeclared presidential candidates to build a campaign infrastructure under the guise of a political action committee, but [former Florida Gov. Jeb] Bush appears to be laying the groundwork for a potential campaign through his foundation, multiple Florida political strategists told BuzzFeed.” If there is evidence, it’s not in the piece. (“The chatter is he’s up to something” doesn’t count.)

The White House gets a skewering for canceling tours. “‘It’s politically motivated,’ Rep. Kevin Cramer, R-N.D., told Fox News. ‘It seems childish — take my ball and go home.’ Rep. Ted Poe, R-Texas, declared in a statement that “the people have been banned from the people’s house.'”

Grinding down the Senate Democrats. The House is on a roll: “Senate Democrats on Tuesday said they would accept the spending level set by the House GOP’s government-funding bill, greatly reducing the chances of a government shutdown in late March. Democrats in the upper chamber said they would scale back their demands for other changes to the measure after previously insisting on new spending instructions for every department and agency.”

Searing criticism of the lame second term cabinet is not only coming from the right. “Environmentalists had high hopes four years ago when President Barack Obama loaded his administration’s top ranks with Clinton-era energy experts, green-job gurus and even a Nobel laureate. But that ‘Green Dream Team’ — which struggled to sculpt new policies on air and water pollution, clean energy and climate change — has turned over the keys to what is more of a B team in the second term.” Hey, it’s the Hagel standard.

Boiling mad over being snubbed (“Bob McDonnell not invited to speak at CPAC”) by the looney-tunes group that invited Donald Trump but not Gov. Chris Christie or GOProud? Not a chance. Actually, the snubbed list is more impressive than the invite list.

Dices CPAC. Phil Klein: “It’s one thing to argue that there’s a strict philosophical litmus test for being invited to CPAC. Whatever one says, at least that would be a consistent position. But it’s hard to square that with the latest news that Donald Trump has been invited to speak at the gathering. For the last several years he’s emerged as one of the most prominent conspiracy theorists questioning the legitimacy of President Obama’s birth certificate and for decades, has been more concerned with creating publicity for himself and his various ventures than advancing any kind of conservative values.”