In his memorable appearance at the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee policy conference this week, Sen. Mark Kirk (R-Ill.), recently returned to the Senate after a stroke, told the crowd, “I have one message for the dictators in Iran — I’m back!”

He sure is. Today he is out with a video:

That is the sort of message that should be coming from the president of the United States. Ironically, President Obama’s memorable video message was a misguided attempt to ingratiate himself upon taking office, a sign from Tehran’s perspective of weakness.

On Iran, as on so much else, Obama follows. He has, after foot-dragging by his congressional allies, consented to a series of sanctions; he hasn’t initiated unilateral sanctions. He doesn’t speak publicly about the plight of ordinary Iranians. He picked a dullard as secretary of defense who couldn’t remember we had a policy on containment (we’re against it) nor admit the elections in Iran are a farce. And then Obama’s negotiators begin bargaining furiously, against themselves. Is it any wonder the mullahs do not take Obama seriously?

Kudos to Kirk. But unfortunately, without an equally compelling message from the White House, Tehran will move ahead with impunity.