Inside the lefty cocoon they are terribly certain what conservatives to whom they rarely speak are thinking, planning and hoping to do. What would be more productive and certainly more accurate would be for them to ask one another (since so many hide in liberal TV and print enclaves unwilling to directly debate their intellectual adversaries) some interesting questions so we know what they are thinking, planning and hoping to do.

Eliot Spitzer, Current TV host and former New York governor, chats with Ari Melder -Rebecca D’Angelo/The Washington Post

Here are 10 I would like them to ask their fellow lefties:

Is there an example of a country with high debt, high taxes and heavy regulations that prospered?

What is the highest percentage of one’s income an American should pay? How much of the tax burden should fall on the top 10 percent?

Given the nuclear weapons programs of North Korea and Iran and the success of the Iron Dome, was it a mistake to oppose and cut missile defense for all those years?

How exactly has campaign finance reform kept money out of politics and increased transparency?

If the Education Department isn’t improving education, why do we have it?

What evidence is there that the Palestinian Authority wants to live side by side with a Jewish state?

If raising the minimum wage is good for the poor, why not raise it to $20 per hour?

If the Supreme Court is supposed to interpret a “living Constitution” that takes into account the changing habits and views of society, should it declare there is no right to abortion when the significant majority of Americans disapprove of abortions? What about limiting late-term abortions when a majority of Americans consider it murder?

Has money to subsidize green jobs and green energy been money well spent?

If Obamacare adds to the debt, doesn’t allow people to keep their insurance plans of choice and inhibits hiring, should it be redesigned?