Soup to nuts on the Department of Justice scandal involving Thomas Perez. “Liberals in the division were so hostile, in fact, that they tried to make the workplace a living hell for those career employees of a more conservative bent who merely wanted to apply the law as clearly written, to protect the civil rights of Americans of all races, not just minorities.” Red the whole thing.

(J. Scott Applewhite/Associated Press) (J. Scott Applewhite/Associated Press)

A course in foreign policy from Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) at CPAC: “The Chinese government provides their people no access to the Internet. The Chinese government will hold citizens prisoner without any right to recourse. The Chinese government coerces and tortures people until they get confessions. The Chinese government restricts the ability of people to assemble. If you escape China, they actually put pressure on governments to forcibly return you. The Chinese government has coercive birth limitation policies, which means that in some cases they are forcing abortions and sterilizations. The Chinese government uses forced labor. And this is what [they] do to their own people. We want that to be the leading country in the world?”

Same old recipe.”There is so much wrong with the Senate Democrats’ new budget that it’s hard to know where to start. It does not fundamentally reform Medicare or other entitlement programs, it replaces the sequester, it raises taxes by almost $1 trillion, and more. As many have said before, the Senate Democrats’ budget is just a bunch of old and tired ideas that won’t seriously reduce our debt in the long run and certainly won’t help the economy.”

Apparently the governor’s race is just the appetizer. “Terry McAuliffe made a veiled joke about Hillary Clinton running for president and Bill Clinton congratulated a major Democratic donor as the new ambassador to France at fundraisers for his Virginia gubernatorial campaign Wednesday night. . . . McAuliffe allies have also described, in private conversations, his Democratic gubernatorial run as something of a test run for the Clinton network of donors and supporters. Hillary Clinton herself has not said whether she’s running.”

Is there any meat there? “Wrapping up his congressional outreach tour Thursday, Obama asked House Democrats to consider cuts they oppose for the sake of a bipartisan budget deal. He openly discussed his proposal to adopt a less generous formula for calculating inflation growth for entitlements, known as chained CPI, in exchange for more tax revenue from Republicans.” So we should expected the chained CPI in his budget, if he is serious.

That’ll give the governor heartburn. “Ken Cuccinelli, the Virginia attorney general and Republican gubernatorial hopeful, suggested in an interview Thursday that he may issue another legal opinion on the state’s sweeping transportation legislation that GOP Gov. Bob McDonnell backed but the attorney general opposed.”

Setting the table for a grown-up conservative conversation. Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah): “It is time for conservatives to reframe the debate. It is time to focus on the principles that will lead us to the kind of country and society we want for our future and ourselves. Here is the principle I ask conservatives to consider: The opposite of bad government is not good government. It isn’t even limited government. The opposite of bad government is a Civil Society. A free and strong civil society is built on the innate desire of Americans to freely contribute to the betterment of the community.”