Bad blood already. “Tight-knit Georgia Republican delegation starts to fray over Senate race.”

Israelis pray at Western Wall in Jerusalem. (Kevin Frayer/The Washington Post)

Wild beasts can’t pull answers out of these people. Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.): ““Even some on the left were disappointed in the president by not being firm and clear, that everybody has a right to trial by jury, that we would never drone someone in America.. And it was disappointing to many he wouldn’t answer the question and it was like pulling teeth. It took 13 hours of filibuster for him to say, ‘No we will not kill noncombatants in America.’ I think it was well worth it and it really served to narrow presidential power, which I think is important, that there are limits.”

Gay marriage advocates can hail more news of changing views. “Ohioans’ sentiments have shifted dramatically since voters overwhelmingly supported the 2004 ban on same-sex marriage. . . . But now, just days before the U.S. Supreme Court considers a pair of landmark gay-marriage cases, a new Saperstein Poll for The Dispatch shows that 54 percent back a proposed new amendment to repeal the 2004 measure and ‘allow two consenting adults to marry, regardless of their gender.'”

Did he vanish into the darkness? Politico whips the narrative that Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) has “disappeared.” Well, it might just be that “his congressional focus at the moment ought not be confused with lack of interest in 2016 but seen, rather, in the context of somebody with a demanding day job.” But that common sense conclusion would eviscerate the basis for the story, of course.

Like a swarm of locusts they descend on another human rights group. “Amnesty International Offices Raided: Russian Officials Search Headquarters Of Human Rights Watchdog. . . . They were accompanied by journalists from the state-controlled NTV station, which has been used by the Kremlin for hatchet jobs against its political foes. Russian officials have searched up to 2,000 NGOs in the past month, according to Pavel Chikov, a member of the presidential human rights council.”

Affirmative action boils over again. “The Supreme Court agreed Monday to review a Michigan constitutional amendment that barred colleges from considering race and gender in admissions decisions. The surprise announcement adds a second major affirmative-action case to the court’s docket.”

Death of the first born (one of them, at any rate) of the recession emergency measures? “The Senate voted 99–0 late on Friday to end ‘too big to fail’ subsidies or funding advantages for banks with more than $500 billion in assets.”