The threat is real. “Iran and North Korea have this dark relationship and North Korea is short of cash, it could sell these weapons to terrorist groups. So, the threat of North Korea is very real.”

North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un

When real action is needed (as on sustaining a filibuster for Chuck Hagel), don’t look for Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.). “South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham said Sunday he wouldn’t join Republican efforts to block consideration of a gun-control measure coming to the Senate floor.”

A real plus for President George W. Bush was his record on Africa. His successor? Not so much. “Obama Signals More Of The Same In Meeting With African Leaders.”

The anti-Israel left has never shown real interest in Palestinian democracy. “The PA is perennially short of funds and reliant on American and European aid. Turning the PA back into the kind of dictatorship we saw under Arafat will endanger that aid, as it should. Punishing people for the ‘crime’ of ‘insulting the president’ will appear to European and American legislators to be particularly repellent to their democratic traditions– as it is to international human rights laws.” Obama should have given a pro-democracy speech in Ramallah.

Could there be a real backlash in Saudi Arabia? “Various news outlets are reporting that Saudi Arabia is seeking to end anonymity for twitter users. . . . The autocratic kingdom is strictly off-limits to most Western journalists. Those who get in seldom move outside Riyadh or Jeddah. But if a riot breaks out in the Saudi hinterland and no one is around to cover it, that does not mean that all is well. It will be interesting to see if Saudi Arabia manages to constrain Twitter. Cutting communications, however, is a poor substitute for true reform. And the royal family is kidding itself if it believes it can remain aloof from political modernity forever.”

Will the Obama administration voice any real alarm about this? “As Greece’s economy teeters on the brink, virulent anti-Semitism is making an alarming comeback.”

Recall the secretary’s hysterical press conference about closing airports and huge lines? The real impact of the sequester on the air system bears no resemblance to that. “More than a month after Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood warned of ‘calamity’ in the skies, travelers are still flying. Airlines aren’t yet canceling flights. And there’s no sign of the long lines the Obama administration warned everyone to expect when automatic spending cuts hit March 1.” So Politico was snookered into reporting all those scare stories, huh?