It must be a slow news time. We have seen thousands of words devoted to President Obama’s missed basketball shots. Others whine about his daughters’ vacation or his pastor’s Easter remarks. Now he’s been bludgeoned into apologizing to California state attorney general Kamala Harris for saying, “She’s brilliant and she’s dedicated, she’s tough… She also happens to be, by far, the best looking attorney general.” Umm, has everyone gone stark raving mad?

President Obama in the Situation Room (Pete Souza/the White House via Associated Press)

We are told his remarks to Harris revive talk about the “old boys club.” Really, among whom? Outside thin-skinned columnists and incessantly nasty twerps, who cares?

Any reader of Right Turn knows that I spare no expense in criticizing the president’s actions and rhetoric. He’s president and everything he does in public is fair game. But, people (in the right and left media), need to get a grip. If he sunk 20 for 20 shots the right would be lambasting him for spending more time on his jumper than the budget. And if we can’t say a woman is beautiful and smart then the feminist movement has done more harm that we previously thought. (It would have been another thing altogether had he said, “You don’t need to be smart with looks like that.”)

So, no more complimenting athletes on their physical prowess, right? Superficial, huh? In fact, filling out that NCAA bracket is really discriminatory because it makes the lame teams feel bad. And besides, the president (like most of us) didn’t think Wichita State was going anywhere.

I suppose with a hugely delinquent budget (and one that cuts only $600 billion), immigration and gun control legislative fights, Obamacare’s belly-flop, North Korea threatening war and Iran playing us for fools in nuclear arms talks, there simply isn’t much to talk about. But really, perhaps media is in trouble because the nonstop nitpicking and personal barbs (on some right-leaning Web sites those dwarf actual political criticism of Obama) are tiresome. Conservatives should figure out there is a bunch of real stuff to be complaining about, and much of this nonsense simply makes them look like they are back in junior high.

And the tut-tutters on the left? Well, they shouldn’t be surprised that young women don’t want to be called “feminists.” If the compliment police are going to descend every time a pleasantry is offered, well then the heck with “feminism.”

Should we take this as a sign that the media are no longer in awe of the president? Well, a cynic would say this sort of coverage gets them off the hook from more exacting coverage about important matters. Anyone notice that the stock market tanked today? And then there was that “terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad jobs report.” Maybe Obama should apologize for that.