Long-term care is key to Medicaid reform. “Today, states try to manage long-term-care costs and quality through regulations and supply controls, but these efforts are never a match for the cost pressures that build when services are “free” to the users — and when rising use of services increases the incomes of those providing the services. The solution is to enlist the support of those enrolled in the program in a cost discipline effort.” Read the whole thing.

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) (Alex Wong/Getty Images) Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) (Alex Wong/Getty Images)

Long time since we saw some regular order for major, complicated legislation in the Senate. Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.): “The Judiciary Committee’s announcement that it will hold multiple hearings on the immigration bill is an encouraging development, and I will continue working with my Senate colleagues to schedule more hearings on this important legislation.  As we go forward in this immigration debate, we need more openness and transparency that I firmly believe will only help improve this bill and earn the public’s confidence that it will truly establish the strongest border security and enforcement measures in U.S. history, modernize our immigration system to help create more jobs for Americans, and deal with our undocumented population in a tough but fair way.”

Long shot. I don’t think tax reform is coming any time soon. “[T]he real problem (at least in terms of fixing the tax code) is that Washington is a boomtown in part because so many people make big bucks manipulating the tax code. Lobbyists obviously would hate a simple and fair flat tax, but there are also pervasively corrupt segments of the economy, such as the ethanol industry, that rely on favoritism in the tax code.” Moreover, the president insists tax reform means raising taxes on the rich.

Long ago there was a widespread understanding of the connection between immigration reform and economic vitality. We could use a refresher: “Immigrant entrepreneurs seldom make their own case well in public. Having spent so long trying to fit in, they are often reluctant to draw attention to the fact that they were born elsewhere, observes Scott Sandell of NEA Associates, a venture-capital firm that has backed many of them. The stakes are high. America has benefited enormously from immigrants’ resourcefulness and penchant for risk-taking, says Mr Sridhar. But it lets in only 225,000 foreigners with special skills a year. This amounts to less than 0.1% of the total labour force. Proportionally, some of the country’s rivals let in more. America’s job-generating machine cannot run at full throttle for long if it is starved of fuel.”

Long overdue. “The House Judiciary Committee is slated to meet Wednesday to subpoena the Obama administration for access to its legal justifications for killing U.S. citizens abroad suspected of terrorism.”

Long lists of complaints about the Post Office should include Congress as a chief culprit. “The USPS should be privatized, but that’s not going to happen as long as Congress continues to cater to special interests (unions, in particular) rather than taxpayers’ interests. Even a small reform — curtailing Saturday delivery, which is projected to save an estimated $2 billion per year and is supported by both the Obama administration and majority of Americans — isn’t going anywhere.” Thunk.

Long for Hillary Clinton? No, but it isn’t getting any better at State. “Kerry: Foreign Students ‘Scared’ of Guns in America.”