Ken Cuccinelli- Steve Helbert/A.P.

Ken Cuccinelli’s campaign today released the following statement informing the media and voters that he would “make his tax returns available to members of the Virginia press corps at his Springfield campaign office on Thursday, April 18th and Friday, April 19th.”

The statement continued:

“Throughout my public career, I have always endeavored to demonstrate a commitment to transparency and accountability,” said Virginia Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Ken Cuccinelli.  “The decision to make my tax returns available to the public will hopefully provide voters more information as they decide who to support this fall.  I am confident my background and record of accomplishment will prevail on Election Day and I look forward to working to create more jobs and economic opportunities throughout the Commonwealth.”


In releasing eight years of returns, Attorney General Cuccinelli is making available more information on this front than any Virginia gubernatorial candidate in recent history.

Well, we are seeing President Obama’s presidential campaign playbook turned around. Thus far, in contrast to the treatment of Mitt Romney’s background at Bain, we don’t see from the mainstream media the sort of indignant outrage and willingness to pursue details of Terry McAuliffe’s business dealings. (Remember the phony scandal about when Romney resigned from Bain? Contrast that with the ho-hum reaction regarding McAuliffe’s actual, secret resignation from GreenTech.)

Granted one was a presidential campaign and one is a gubernatorial campaign, but there are local reporters assigned to the gubernatorial race, and national political reporters are following the Virginia race, one of the few in 2013.

Will McAuliffe release his tax returns? If he does not, will the media hound him with the same fiendish obsession as they did Romney?

Media bias is not merely what goes into an article, but what story is selected and how much attention is devoted to it. If the mainstream media’s “journalistic decisions” didn’t line up so neatly with the interests of liberals it might not appear to many that there are two standards, one for Dems and one for R’s.

Let’s see what McAuliffe coughs up — and what the media demands of him.