Former South Carolina governor Mark Sanford and his then-wife Jenny in 2006-(Mary Ann Chastain/AP)

Despite the admonitions of many conservatives outside South Carolina, Republicans in the 1st Congressional District selected former governor Mark Sanford, who left office in disgrace, as their nominee to fill the seat vacated by Sen. Tim Scott (R-S.C.). He’s not really repentant. He’s untrustworthy. Ah, those didn’t carry the day.

And now, if a complaint filed on behalf of Sanford’s ex-wife, Jenny Sanford, is accurate, he’s disgraced himself and embarrassed his supporters.

The Post and Courier reports:

Republican congressional candidate Mark Sanford is accused of trespassing at his ex-wife’s home and faces a court appearance two days after the 1st District special election, according to published reports that surfaced late Tuesday night.

Jenny Sanford confronted her ex-husband as he was leaving her Sullivan’s Island home on Feb. 3. He was not supposed to be at the house, according the filing, obtained by The Associated Press. . . .

The complaint alleges that Sanford was using his cellphone as a flashlight as he left his ex-wife’s home. The couple’s divorce settlement says that neither may enter the other’s home without permission, the AP reported. He lives at the Dockside condominiums in downtown Charleston.

“I was returning as he had been leaving,” Jenny Sanford told The Post and Courier of the incident.

So if his hike on the “Appalachian Trail” wasn’t enough to creep out voters, how about allegedly sneaking around his ex-wife’s house in violation of their divorce decree?

To all those who bought Sanford’s apology tour, a former South Carolina state party leader e-mails, “This stuff is unreal, right?” Right.

Let’s see what family-values advocates do now. Many social conservative leaders tried to warn off voters in the GOP runoff, but their support for Sanford’s opponent, Curtis Bostic, didn’t dissuade Republicans from picking Sanford. Voters didn’t listen to their warnings that Sanford wasn’t trustworthy. But now it would be refreshing to see these overwhelmingly Republican groups stand on principle. As defenders of marriage and families, they might, for example, organize a write-in campaign for Sanford. Jenny Sanford. Now, there’s a woman who knows a thing or two about public officials abusing the voters’ trust.

UPDATE: In a written statement, Sanford gives his excuse: “I did indeed watch the second half of the Super Bowl at the beach house with our 14 year old son because as a father I didn’t think he should watch it alone. Given she was out of town I tried to reach her beforehand to tell her of the situation that had arisen, and met her at the back steps under the light of my cell phone when she returned and told her what had happened.”

A 14-year-old shouldn’t watch the Super Bowl alone? Whatever.