Yesterday, I listed 10 items that should keep Democrats up at night. Now it is the GOP’s turn:

Mark Sanford-Washington Post Mark Sanford-Washington Post

1. The Supreme Court upholds the Defense of Marriage Act. Democrats move to repeal it, and the GOP is back in a nasty, losing fight over same-sex marriage.

2.  Immigration reform falters because of right-wing exclusionists, giving the president a powerful argument to use against them in 2014 and politically wounding rising star Sen. Marco  Rubio (R-Fla.).

3.  Republicans go to the president’s left on national security, giving the Democrats the high ground on foreign policy and defense.

4.   Republicans lose the Virginia governor’s race, sending the media into a flurry of reports that the GOP has “learned nothing” and has lost a previously red state permanently.

5. Republicans win the Virginia governor’s race, encouraging right-wingers to resist all efforts to reform and update the party.

6.  Mark Sanford wins the South Carolina 1st Congressional District race, leading to accusations that the Republicans are gross hypocrites on family values.

7.  Mark Sanford loses the South Carolina 1st Congressional District race, leading to speculation that, even in the South, the GOP is in a tailspin.

8.  President Obama acts responsibly on entitlement reform while House Republicans demagogue the issue.

9.  Republicans nominate self-destructive Senate candidates in 2014 and once again blow opportunities to pick up seats.

10. Republicans never come up with an Obamacare alternative, missing another opportunity to get rid of the unpopular law.