No time like the present for lawmakers to start working on “a replacement plan built on a decentralized, market-based reform program [that] can broaden insurance coverage dramatically without the massive federal power grab and mandates of Obamacare.” Some conservative gurus already are.

(J. Scott Applewhite/Associated Press) (J. Scott Applewhite/Associated Press)

Time to recognize Egypt is a mess. “That Egypt is encountering economic problems is no secret, but the gravity of the situation is being underestimated. . . . A new analysis by David Goldman reveals just how bad things really are, and lends credence to what I am hearing from well-informed business sources: Egypt’s reserves are gone.”

A timely reminder from the Cato Institute: “Legalizing the peaceful and otherwise law-abiding unauthorized immigrants here will allow law enforcement to focus on legitimate national security and crime threats. It is more costly for the government to weed out criminals and national security threats when there is such a large and relatively peaceful unauthorized immigrant population. Shrinking the size of that immigrant black market quickly and cheaply through responsible legalization, and allowing more immigration of workers in the future, will channel scarce government resources toward legitimate security and criminal screenings and away from enforcing economic protectionism.”

Contra the rhetoric of Secretary of State John Kerry, this is no time to restart the “peace process.” Jonathan Schnazer observes: ” Put plainly, there is little political freedom in the West Bank these days. The Palestinian president has no political challengers. He has no vice president. He has no heir apparent. And he does not allow for a healthy exchange of political ideas in the public space. With the imminent exit of [Salam] Fayyad, his domination of Palestinian politics in the West Bank appears complete. . . .Thus, with Fayyad’s departure, after more than two decades of fits and starts of political progress, Palestinian politics is right back to where it started. One man — this time in a suit, instead of a keffiyeh and fatigues — presides over a people not only desperate for independence, but desperate for change.”

It’s time to stop kidding ourselves that the problem can be defined purely as “al-Qaeda.” David Remnick: “The digital era allows no asylum from extremism, let alone from the toxic combination of high-minded zealotry and the curdled disappointments of young men.”

About time for the “have it all” and “lean in” set to get real. “Making compromises is a healthy approach to living. For a woman to say she is searching for a ‘good enough’ life is not failure — it is maturity and self-knowledge.” By the way, that’s true for men too.

Time for the recriminations against the White House. “[I]n the immediate aftermath of the defeat, critics have begun to second-guess Obama’s strategy and question whether he was fully prepared for what promised from the beginning to be a bruising battle with gun rights supporters. . . . Asked about the White House strategy on the gun push, Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham told BuzzFeed it ‘couldn’t have been any worse.’ ‘It’s tone deaf,’ Graham said. ‘He’s been a political cheerleader on this, and he’s poisoned the well. There’s some solutions out there, but he picked three things that really wouldn’t fix the system.'” Read the whole thing.