Everyone could use a win. “The president may want a victory on immigration. But, it is Republicans who need it more. That is why this legislation can make it through the congressional thicket in a way the gun bill did not. And, it is also why it’s best for the president and Democrats to do as much as possible to get out the way.”

Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) (Joshua Roberts/Reuters) Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.). (Joshua Roberts/Reuters)

Before people start counting the margin of victory, they should make sure they get to 60. “The two lead negotiators in the Senate’s Gang of Eight said on Thursday that they believe their immigration reform bill will not just have a filibuster proof majority in the Senate — but majority support from both parties.”

One way to beat the terrorists: “Jihadists at home and abroad should be made to continually look over their shoulders — in that posture, it is more difficult to organize complicated, mass-casualty attacks. Drones have proven an effective tactic — not a strategy — against terrorists and their masters in such remote and dangerous places as Waziristan and Yemen. The president should continue to use them — under defined rules and with congressional oversight.”

President Bush had a lot of successes. “That we expanded freedom at home by raising standards at schools and lowering taxes for everybody. That we liberated nations from dictatorship and freed people from AIDS. And when our freedom came under attack, we made the tough decisions required to keep the American people safe.”

Republicans could pull off a triumph, namely winning back the House and Senate during Obama’s presidency. “Right now, given the political landscape and worsening environment for Obama, there’s a greater chance that the Senate could flip Republican than the House going the other direction. . . .  They’ll have a good chance at getting several of the six seats they’ll need in the deep South and conservative Mountain West. But they’ll need to break through the blue, working-class wall to win back the majority.”

The “historic” achievement has become an albatross. “President Barack Obama’s health-care law could cause big headaches for members of Congress and their staff, but efforts to address the potential problem are drawing complaints that congressional leaders are trying to protect their own.”

It will be an accomplishment if Republicans can turn off the flow of taxpayer money to green-energy boondoggles. “Republicans displayed documents throughout the [House Oversight’s Subcommittee on Economic Growth, Job Creation, and Regulatory Affairs] hearing showing that Fisker had a CCC+ credit rating and was under collateralized for the loan it received. Republicans also brought up an email from a top Fisker executive asking that the loan approval be accelerated because the company was in dire financial straights.”