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Ten reasons Jeb should run

On Fox News Sunday Brit Hume no doubt terrified liberal elites when he uttered the phrase: “The country may now indeed be ready for another Bush.”

He went on to explain:

And if you think about Jeb Bush, he doesn’t particularly look like either of his — either his father or his brother. He’s a different breed of cat outwardly at least. He has some of the same qualities, traditional views and gentlemanliness and so on. I think if he decides that he wants to run, he will be a formidable candidate.

I’ve thought for some time Jeb should run. Recent events have made the case for running even stronger:

1. If Hillary Clinton runs, the “dynasty” complaint largely goes away. (The media wouldn’t dream of depriving Hillary of her moment in the sun simply because a relative was president.)

2. If immigration reform succeeds he’ll be seen as far-sighted and one Republican who figured out long ago the political and policy urgency for comprehensive reform.

3. He personifies the change in focus Republicans are trying to make — toward a more people-oriented, reform agenda with less ideological grandstanding.

4.  He is a proven vote-getter, especially with Hispanics.

5.  In the wake of President Obama, the country may be ready for an experienced, sober executive.

6.  His education agenda is compelling and a microcosm of the sort of proposals conservatives should be championing.

7.  His easy-going temperament and brightness disarm critics, even the mainstream media.

8.  He is a social conservative who does not scold and who can change the focus from hot -button issues like gay marriage to universally held concerns about promoting intact households and improving the lives of children. (He has already made the leap to repudiating DOMA and saying states should decide the definition of marriage.)

9.  He is a fiscal conservative. In 2002 the Cato Institute evaluated him:

Jeb Bush of Florida is the real tax-cutting fiscal conservative in the family. In a state with no income tax, Gov. Bush has cut the Florida property tax by $1 billion, and in 2001 he cut the business intangible tax by another $600 million. Earlier this year he took the unusual step of walking the halls of the Capitol himself asking members of both parties to oppose a sales tax hike sponsored by members of his own party. Mr. Bush has also distinguished himself by promoting one of the most innovative choice-based school reforms in the nation — a plan that allows students in failing schools to go to any public or private school of their choice — and by enacting tort reform legislation fiercely opposed by the trial lawyers.”

10.  It will entirely unhinge the left. And that’s almost justification enough.