President Obama isn’t very good at persuading people, is he? “President Obama at a press conference Tuesday said sequestration is ‘damaging our economy’ and ‘hurting our people.’ Americans, by and large, are less convinced, with majorities unable to judge sequestration as good or bad, from a personal or a national perspective.”

(J. Scott Applewhite/Associated Press) (J. Scott Applewhite/Associated Press)

He’s not convincing anyone at this point. “It appears that the man who said ‘as president of the United States, I don’t bluff’ was, in fact, bluffing [about Syria crossing the red line]. And the entire world–our allies and our adversaries–know it. And each of them, in their own way, will adjust accordingly. Our allies will (rightly) consider Mr. Obama weak and unreliable–and our adversaries will (rightly) consider Mr. Obama weak and irresolute. The former will distance themselves from us while the latter will challenge us down the road. The Iranian regime must be getting a good chuckle out of the president’s claim that he won’t allow them to acquire a nuclear weapon.”

“Not my fault Congress won’t behave” is not winning over Maureen Dowd. “Actually, it is his job to get them to behave. The job of the former community organizer and self-styled uniter is to somehow get this dunderheaded Congress, which is mind-bendingly awful, to do the stuff he wants them to do. It’s called leadership.”

You think the media will be obliged to cover it? Me neither. “Eyewitnesses with potentially damaging information on the Obama administration’s handling of last year’s terror attack on the U.S. mission in Benghazi will testify at a hearing next week, Republicans said. The House oversight committee is holding a hearing next week that will ‘expose new facts and details that the Obama administration has tried to suppress,’ oversight chairman Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) said Wednesday.”

It is not hard to see why Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) is so good at converting people on immigration reform. “I owe so much to the United States. Honestly, I wake up every day and I realize that I’ve had opportunities I never would have had, had my parents not been given the ability to come here. And I just feel like I want to pay the country back for all it has meant to me and to my family, and I see something that is hurting America. This illegal immigration problem, this broken legal immigration system, I want to fix it, and I don’t want to leave it the way it is because it is bad for us. And all I am trying to do is figure out how to fix it.”

Maybe he can be cajoled into conducting a review of what went wrong. “Former Connecticut Sen. Joe Lieberman (D.) critiqued actions by the U.S. national security infrastructure prior to the Boston bombings . . .The former chair of the Senate Homeland Security Committee likened the failures that preceded the Nidal Hasan Fort Hood shooting to inefficiencies that ultimately allowed Tamerlan Tsarnaev to slip through the grasp of the FBI and intelligence community.”

On a range of issues the president is not impressing a majority of voters on any major domestic policy issue. “Voters disapprove of his handling of the economy 53 – 41 percent, gun policy 52 – 41 percent and immigration 50 – 40 percent.”