UP: Mainstream media coverage of Benghazi.

DOWN: Jay Carney.

Mark Sanford (Randall Hill/Reuters) Mark Sanford (Randall Hill/Reuters)

UP: Voters’ willingness for forgive any personal misconduct.

DOWN: Family values.

UP: Analogies to the Nixon administration.

DOWN: Hiring immigration theorists without vetting them.

UP: Whistleblowers.

DOWN: The Obama second term.

UP: MSM racing to catch up with right-leaning media.

DOWN: Ragging on the conservative media for covering the Gosnell trial, Benghazi and sequestion hysteria.

UP: Joe Biden’s presidential hopes.

DOWN: Hillary Clinton’s image.

UP: Outrage about the IRS targeting conservatives.

DOWN: MSM lapdogs.

UP: Israeli air strikes.

DOWN: The credibility of “red lines.”

UP: State Department personnel in dangerous places.

DOWN: IRS officials.

UP: Hillary Clinton’s plausible denability.

DOWN: Hillary Clinton the micro-manager.

UP: Clinton fixers.

DOWN:  She will go down “as one of the finest secretaries of state in history.”